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FIFA 13 with Windows 8.1 (Fix)


FIFA 13 with Windows 8.1 (Fix)

Posted by barry on 20 October 2013 at 20:04

It seems that FIFA 13 doesn't work with Windows 8.1. It also seems that EA don't care, responding ad verbatim that Windows 8 isn't officially supported for FIFA 13 (which is pretty poor customer service however you look at it). Checking on the web, the only solutions I have seen involve using cracks.

After firing up Process Explorer I found that the game is dying after it uses the Windows Error Reporting Service. Simply disabling this service is enough to prevent the crash and the game runs without issue.

As with all FIFA games, you may want to run it using Windows 7 Compataibility Mode to improve performance too.

If you need step-by-step instructions to disable the service, follow this process;

  • Right-click on the Windows 8.1 start button (bottom-left of screen).
  • Choose Run and type services.msc before clicking the OK button.
  • Find the Windows Error Reporting Service and right-click on it.Choose Properties from the context ment.
  • Change the Startup type dropdown to Disabled and click Apply. Close the dialogs and play the game as usual.