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FB Alpha Release

Posted by barry on 1 June 2009 at 19:11:38

This version includes a big change in the Z80 CPU interface. Specifically MAME's Z80 core is now used for all games. This should give better results and make the program more portable. We have done a lot of testing but if you notice any new problems please let us know and we can fix them.

This version also includes changes in the EEPROM code and input assignment code. As well as the changed save states for the ZET interface, these render old config and save files pretty much useless. It is advised to delete the contents of the configgames folder before using this version. Savestates are a bit hit-and-miss at the moment anyway. I plan to pay some attention to savestates in the next version and hopefully boost compatibility.

  • Fixed the ZET interface when used with MAME's Z80 CPU core and removed support for all other Z80 CPU cores [Barry]
  • Updated lots of drivers to work with the changes to the ZET interface [Barry]
  • Updated some more drivers to work with the ZET interface changes [iq_132]
  • Improved existing Konami IC chip emulation and added support for some new chips [iq_132]
  • Ported the K0051649, K053260 and K054539 sound cores from MAME [iq_132]
  • Fixed the K0051649, K053260 and K054539 sound cores sample rate support [Barry]
  • Added a seperate timer to the YM3526 interface allowing the chip to be used with other FM chips [Barry]
  • Added support for the M6801 CPU in the M6800 interface [Barry]
  • Finally, and I do mean finally fixed the bug in the RF5C68 core, giving full sound in Sega System 18 [Barry]
  • Fixed the issues with the YM2203 core [Barry]
  • Big update to the cheat interface supporting multiple CPUs [iq_132]
  • Added savestate support to the Namco Sound module [Barry]
  • Converted the Galaga driver to use the ZET interface and added savestate support [Barry]
  • Converted the Sega System 1 driver to use the ZET interface [Barry]
  • Converted the MC8123 Sega System 16B games to use the ZET interface [Barry]
  • Converted the games in the Galaxian driver that used a custom interface to use the ZET interface [Barry]
  • Fixed savestate support in the M6809 CPU interface [iq_132]
  • Fixed savestate support in the M6800 series CPU interface [Barry]
  • Replaced the EEPROM code with a port from MAME [iq_132]
  • Updated the Battle Bakraid, Cave, CPS-1, CPS-2, ESD 16, Kaneko 16, Midas, Space Gun and Zero Point 2 drivers to work with the new EEPROM code [Barry][iq_132]
  • Fixed problem with the low-pass filter in the DirectSound plugin [Barry]
  • Added lots of Konami games [iq_132]
  • Added driver for Bubble Bobble and clones [Barry]
  • Added driver for Arabian [iq_132]
  • Added a bootleg of SCI to the Taito Z driver [Barry]
  • Added a clone of Forgotten Worlds to the CPS-1 driver [Barry]
  • Added clone of The Combatribes [Barry]
  • Added clone of Final Star Force [iq_132]
  • Added clone of The Legend of Kage[iq_132]
  • Fixed the DAC sound in King & Balloon [Barry]
  • Fixed Mighty Monkey and clones and enabled in release builds [Barry]
  • Enabled the Kangaroo driver in release builds now that the ZET interface changes made it work [iq_132]
  • Added support for hardware specific input presets, cps.ini, neogeo.ini and pgm.ini [Barry]
  • Added a Save preset button to the input dialog to save the currently defined inputs into a hardware preset file [Barry]
  • Updated the help file with details of the new items in the Input Dialog [Barry]
  • Fixed some issues with saving and reading files for drivers with more than 8 characters in their name [Barry]
  • Fixed an issue when updating the previous games list with drivers with more than 8 characters in their name [Barry]
  • Widened the short gamename column in the selection dialog [Barry]
  • Disabled the rather annoying system beep in DEBUG builds [iq_132]
  • Matched all sets to MAME 0.131u3 [Barry]

You can download the new version on the FB Alpha page.