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M6502 WIP


M6502 WIP

Posted by barry on 5 November 2011 at 21:08:00

For a while, I haven't been happy with the M6502 core we are using. Most drivers that use it require little hacks to make things work, and I firmly believe that it is holding up adding sound to the DEC-0 driver as the IRQs from the YM chip and the NMIs from the main CPU compete, which makes the YM chip stop generating the IRQs, and hence no sound.

I have ported MAME's M6502 core to FB Alpha and tested it using the Renegade driver. Currently all works as expected. I still need to spend time adding an interface for the new core, and then porting all the affected drivers over, before removing the old core.

Once that is done, I can look at sound in DEC-0 again.