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CPS-1 WIP 1/4


CPS-1 WIP 1/4

Posted by barry on 11 April 2012 at 10:43:00

JacKc and I have been looking at CPS-1 recently. With the support of Bonky0013 providing some dumps (now, as well as in the past) and some dumps from f205v, we have made some good head-way. As well as a general tidy-up of some of the driver variables, we have a few note-worthy things to report;

  • sf2m8 has been redumped and is working properly
  • alternative sf2m sets have been added and all work ok (sf2m9-sf2m15)
  • changed sf2koryu graphics roms to roms dumped by f205v (same data, different format)

Additionally, JacKc analysed the current sf2th dump, and using reasonable assumptions we have what we believe to be a good dump (using a rom from a different set). I added support for the extra graphics roms which map over the current roms at 0x400000, it looks they provide Hyper Edition graphics to the Champion Edition bootlegs. This also fixes some glitches in places, eg, the bike in the background of Chun-Li's stage. This shows the importance of dumping all roms on a board where possible, it looks like a lot of the current bootlegs need similar extra graphics roms mapped over the current roms, but we don't know if they use the same roms or not.

Jackc also added support for some new Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition bootlegs, sf2tha and sf2koryu2.

I also looked at the Captain Commando bootleg, which suffers from sprite problems. The sprite list end detection seemed to be off. I made a change, that makes the FB Alpha method the same as MAME (it was subtly different before), and things looked slightly better, but still broken (like MAME). Looking at the sprite data, I noticed another possible end of sprite-list detection, strangely adding support for this method, makes this set use exactly the same end of sprite list detection method as CPS-2. The game now works fine too, and this fix also works for the knightsb2 set.

JacKc also added a new Captain Command bootleg set (captcommb2), which appears very similar to the non-bootleg sets, and a new Knights of the Round bootleg (knightsb4), which suffers the same problems as the knightsb set.