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FB Alpha WIP (iq_132 and dink) - NMK004


FB Alpha WIP (iq_132 and dink) - NMK004

Posted by barry on 27 September 2014 at 20:13:50

iq_132 has ported the NMK004 improvements from MAME (trap15 and haze). After a lot of work from dink, working in the NMK16 driver (and fixing a bug in the TLCS90 CPU core) we now have full emulated sound in the NMK16 games. There have also been improvements in other aspects of the driver fixing minor issues with graphic layer offsets and similar issues.

This is a major improvement in the emulation of these games and massive thanks goes to trap15 who managed to dump the code, and haze who hooked it up in MAME.

The next version of FB Alpha should be a good one. iq_132 has been very busy with some really excellent additions which I'll cover soon...