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New Site


New Site

Posted by barry on 24 April 2015 at 20:36:56

Welcome to the new FB Alpha site.

The site was long due an overhaul, and was in desperate need of becoming a proper home to FB Alpha (rather than just a site, we released from). The site is completely new, but bear the following in mind;

  • Comments are now handled by disqus (meaning, they're threaded, and you can use most social media accounts for commenting)
  • All old comments are gone (again)!
  • The bugs section has been updated and rewritten (you have to be signed in to post)
  • The localisation section has been overhauled and supports editing online (again, you have to be signed in to edit)
  • Our social media accounts have been updated too (use the social links in the footer)
  • We no longer rely on the crappy javasript replace after load social media buttons. The share counts are now scraped every hour, so don't be alarmed when the count doesn't change if you share something!

Let us know your thoughts and enjoy the site (and FB Alpha)!