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FB Alpha Release


FB Alpha Release

Posted by barry on 22 July 2008 at 20:51:59

Here's the what's new;

  • Added dynamic video size switching to the core
  • Merged in Captain CPS-X's menu themes code and added the options to the misc menu (disabled by default)
  • Merged in kev's and oopswares changes to zet and added CZ80 to the source distribution
  • Fixed an issue causing the preview image not to display on program start when the Enhanced blitter was enable
  • Fixed an issue with localisation support and added an option to reset to UI default language
  • Changed the hotkeys for cheat search to be used with Ctrl
  • Added support for the widescreen mode in Street Fighter III 2nd Impact
  • Added a fake dipswitch to Street Fighter III for widescreen since the game seems to support it
  • Added extracted roms to all CPS-3 sets (noone is likely to port CHD support just for CPS-3 which already works anyway)
  • Added fake dip hack to make Red Earth and War Zard work
  • Added sf2m8 to release builds
  • Added tigerhb1 to the Tiger Heli driver
  • Fixed a potential crash in the ICS2115 reset routine (spotted by iq_132)
  • Matched all sets to MAME 0.126u1

You can download the new version here;