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FB Alpha Release

Posted by barry on 4 April 2008 at 19:43:15

The binaries are compiled with the Microsoft tools again now. Here's the what's new;

  • Added driver for Taito Z hardware
  • Added oopsware's Raiden driver and updated the nec core and vez module
  • Retidied the nec core and vez module
  • Added iq_132s Gun Smoke driver
  • Added iq_132s Scrambled Egg driver
  • Changed the M6502 core to Marat's with the interface wrote by kev
  • Added kev's m90 driver and his updates to the m92 driver to debug builds
  • Tidied the m90 and m92 drivers and corrected the gfx decoding in the m90 driver
  • Updated Dec0 drivers to kev's latest version
  • Updated Jack the Giantkiller driver to the iq_132s latest version
  • Made the "In Game" tab the default on the game selection dialog
  • Added a checkbox for Taito to the game selection dialog
  • Changed some names to prevent duplicate descriptions
  • Matched all sets to MAME 0.124u1

You can download the new version here;